"Barier" is a Soccer Ball-shaped House Strong with Disasters
Your "Barier" style
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What's "Barier" What's "Barier"
When to use "Barier" When to use "Barier"
L,M size
S,S2 size
3S,3SL size
Your "Barier" style Your "Barier" style
"Barier" size variation "Barier" size variation
Contuct us Contuct us
Please consult us with any plan. We will realize your dream with abundant experience and creative power without a fixed idea.
Examples are a movie theater Barier equipped with acoustic and sound insulation equipment, a sportive Barier with a projection attached to the wall for rock climbing, a space station Barier with several Bariers combined. Of course it can be used as an ordinary house, a kid's room, a shop etc. There are unlimited number of applications suitable to your lifestyle.
Undeground Barier
Barier can be installed underground. For example, as a storeroom or wine cellar in the basement.
Connected Barier
Large or small Bariers are connected by a passage and can be used as a Karaoke room or a house.
Completely new shower room
A sauna is now under fabrication!
Refreshing jet stream!
Minus Ions are generated and refresh your wholly body!

The direction of a nozzle can be changed so point washing is possible!

Water-proof TV and aluminum material are optional.
A bed or a chair can be installed.
For nursing care
You can take a shower in a wheel chair.

As a shower room on the beach
You can clean yourself in an instant by showering from all directions!
It refreshes you after a sauna or sporting activities.
Very popular! A cute fruit-type
How about a "direct delivery shop" for products
sent directly from the producing center?
Miniature size
Barier for your pet dog
Small but strong. Your dog will like it very much!
We can cope with small to large dogs.

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